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1999 übernahmen die beiden Geschäftsführer der Biogastechnik Süd GmbH, Clemens und Gregor Maier, den elterlichen landwirtschaftlichen Betrieb Heslerhof in Isny-Sommersbach.
Noch im selben Jahr wurde auf dem Heslerhof eine Biogasanlage gebaut. Die damaligen Probleme mit den schnell laufenden Rührwerken bei hohem Grassilageeinsatz im Fermenter der Biogasanlage inspirierte die beiden, ein eigenes, langsam laufendes Rührwerk zu bauen. Das im Jahre 2002 entwickelte Varibull Paddle Agitator hat sich mittlerweile tausendfach bewährt und zählt zu den meistverkauften Rührwerken überhaupt. Die in den Jahren danach entstandene Produktvielfalt für Biogasanlagen der Biogastechnik Süd GmbH hat so ihren Ursprung in der täglichen Arbeit eines landwirtschaftlichen Betriebs.
Unsere Products für Biogasanlagen sind AUS DER PRAXIS, FÜR DIE PRAXIS gemacht.

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Our philosophy

It is not easy for agricultural businesses to utilise their renewable raw materials and residual materials, such as liquid and solid manure, with ideal economic conditions. Our aim is to create solutions with our components for biogas plants, which make this possible. By continuously improving our components and developing new technologies, we want to offer our customers the best solution at all times. We are convinced of the benefits and environmental friendliness of our products and thus make an important contribution to the renewable energy system. Because biogas plants are the only producers of renewable energies that are able to generate electricity and heat flexibly and in line with demand.

How we see ourselves:

Our greatest capital is the high motivation and the many years of experience of our employees.

We focus on reliability and quality:

• durch hohe Fertigungstiefe mit allen Stufen der Herstellung von der Entwicklung bis zum Service im eigenen Haus
• through usage of high-quality and especially durable materials

Our core competence is our ability to develop ever new technologies and solutions from the requirements of daily operations:
From practical experince, to practical experience entwickeln wir ständig neue und genau auf die Wünsche unserer Kunden angepasste Komponenten und Prozesse.
Our core objective is the satisfaction and sustainable success of our customers. Since we ourselves come from an agricultural background, we know what is important.

We set a high value on this from the beginning:

• the durability and robustness of all components
• low maintenance costs and own power consumption during operation
• Comprehensive and competent advice, remote maintenance or on-site support
• Simple, clear handling and operation

The founders

Clemens and Gregor Maier

The brothers Clemens and Gregor not only work as managing directors in their company, but also run an agricultural business with dairy farm, biogas plant and fermentation residue evaporation plant in parallel. Especially when working on the farm at the weekends, new ideas are created which form the basis for the future innovative products of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH. Vague ideas are immediately tried out and developed to series production readiness with the Biogastechnik Süd GmbH team.

As you can see, our motto "From the practice, for the practice" is our programme.

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I am a tinkerer through and through. Not only when it comes to developing new products that offer real solutions to farmers' problems. I am also always looking for the right way individually for each farm and each business model. It is important to me that I include the aspect of sustainability and develop new approaches and identify potential for improvement.

I feel particularly comfortable in sales, because here I can communicate all my ideas and the potential that lies behind them. And of course my heart beats for process engineering and development.

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I am 120% behind everything we have ever put on the market. Quality and technical progress are our top priority, alongside the customer. Because we operate our own biogas plant and a fermentation residue evaporation plant on the farm, we know in detail how the industry works and what needs to be considered. I always want to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested and sell only the best to our customers.

My hobbyhorse is the best possible implementation of all ideas in order to combine progress and technology perfectly. For this reason, I take great pleasure in managing the design department.

Top service. Great team.
Competent consulting.