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Biogas - What is it?

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Biogas is an energy-rich gas mixture that is produced during the natural decomposition of organic material in the absence of air. This decomposition process is technically used in biogas plants to produce biogas from liquid manure, organic waste or Energiepflanzen. The substrates are fermented in hermetically sealed fermenters. This requires the work of many different microorganisms.

The most important component of biogas is combustible methane (CH4). Depending on the substrates used, the methane content varies between 50 and 65%. In addition, carbon dioxide (CO2) occurs in a proportion of 35 to 50 % and other constituents such as nitrogen, water, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide in low concentrations.

Biogas kann zu Strom, Wärme, Gas oder Treibstoff umgewandelt werden. Daher wird es gerne auch als universeller Brennstoff bezeichnet. Zurück bleibt mit dem Gärprodukt ein hochwertiges Düngemittel, reich an humusbildenden Stoffen und Nährstoffen. Sie werden flüssig oder getrocknet in der Landwirtschaft, im Landschafts- und Gartenbau sowie in Privatgärten als organischer Dünger oder Bodenverbesserer eingesetzt.

The fermentation product contains the nutrients contained in the initial substrates such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic carbon. Thus, the use of fermentation products closes the natural nutrient and humus cycle and replaces mineral fertiliser, which would otherwise have to be produced with high energy.

German Biogas Association

The German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e. V.) unites operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, representatives from science and research as well as interested parties from all over Germany. It advocates the increased use of biogas technology through intensive political representation of interests at federal and state level. 

Biogas - What is it?
Biogas - What is it?

Agency for
Renewable Energies e.V.

The Agency for Renewable Energies e. V. (AEE) is working to persuade people to turn their energy systems around. We present the opportunities and advantages of a sustainable energy supply and promote greater acceptance within society.

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