Our solutions for you

As farmers and operators of our own biogas plant, we have learnt a great deal about the technology of biogas plants in recent years. Thanks to constant new and further developments, we now cover a wide range of products for biogas plants. The focus is always on the energy efficiency and the durability of our products, which we achieve through a robust design.
A correspondingly wide range of products guarantees that a suitable product can be selected and used for the various plant designs.

Digestate evaporation

The Vapogant digestate evaporation system processes fermentation products from a biogas plant into usable and highly concentrated fertiliser. In this process, the fermentation products are thickened by the removal of water. The waste heat of the combined heat and power unit from the biogas plant is used. The process itself takes place in a vacuum and is self-contained so that neither dust nor odours are released.

Paddle agitator

The paddle agitator Varibull developed by us is the no. 1 among the slow-running paddle agitators. It is used in biogas plants for stirring liquid substrates in fermenters made of reinforced concrete. The paddle agitator Varibull was developed especially for use with renewable raw materials, liquid manure and dung. Due to its robust design, it is cost-effective, reliable and durable in operation.

Press screw separator

Due to the high water content in the liquid manure or in the fermentation residues, you incur high costs when storing and spreading the liquid manure on the field. By using our Sepogant screw press separator you save costs and at the same time improve the nutrient balance of the substrates. Our separation technology can be used stationary or mobile.

Feeding system

The feeding of solids by our Easyfeeder family of feeding technology is characterised by a high degree of variability in adapting to the most diverse fermenter designs. The feeding of solids, which has proven itself in practice for many years, was developed with a focus on minimising energy consumption and wear.

Overpressure/underpressure protection

Biosecure overpressure and vacuum protection monitors and regulates the overpressure and vacuum in the fermenter of a biogas plant. The over- or underpressure protection can be controlled either mechanically via a biogas storage membrane or via weight-loaded dip cups.

Substrate heat exchanger

The substrate heat exchanger Heatcrack is used in case of extremely fibre-rich solids and/or short residence times of the substrate in the biogas plant. By briefly heating the substrate after the first fermenter, the degradation rate of the fibre-rich materials is accelerated.