Press screw separator


As with all our products, we have also paid attention to the use of high-quality materials when building our separation technology components. We attach particular importance to high throughput and running performance, especially with demanding source materials such as fermentation residues from biogas plants.

The focus here is on the press screw, which is fitted with carbide plates. In combination with a carbide counter-cutting edge in the feed area of the press screw, optimal function and good throughput rates with the highest running performance of the slotted filter screen are ensured, especially with high-fibre substrate from biogas plants with manure and grass silage.
We have also made no compromises when it comes to maintenance and have equipped the bearing of the press screw with a mechanical seal. The complete bearing unit is permanently lubricated with oil and pressurised. This offers a high degree of safety and a permanent seal between substrate and bearing unit during long maintenance intervals.
When using cattle and pig slurry, as well as other materials, e.g. grain drags, the use can be individually designed by different gap filter dimensions of the screen basket.

The components of our separation technology have been designed in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2006/42/EC Machines.

For the use in hazardous areas we offer the Sepogant screw press separator in Ex version.


The Sepogant screw press separator is a separator for dewatering liquid manure or fermentation residues from biogas plants.

Sepofarm Modul

The screw press separator Sepofarm Modul, is a separator in modular design mounted on concrete blocks.

Sepogant Kompakt

The Sepogant Kompakt press screw separator is intended for use at various locations.