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In 1999, the two managing directors of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH, Clemens and Gregor Maier, took over their parents’ agricultural business, the Heslerhof farm in Isny-Sommersbach.
The same year, they built a biogas plant on the farm. Facing various problems with the fast-running mixers when processing a lot of grass silage in the digester of the biogas plant inspired them to build their own slow-running mixer. Their Varibull paddle agitator developed in 2002 has been proved and tested in thousands of installations in the meantime and has become the best-selling mixer in the market. More biogas components were gradually developed. In the years that followed, Biogastechnik Süd GmbH developed a variety of components for biogas plants which has its roots in the everyday work of an agribusiness.

Biogas components of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH
Biogas components of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH



It is not easy for agricultural businesses to process their renewable raw materials and waste products, such as slurry and manure, with ideal economic preconditions. Our goal is to deliver solutions that make this possible. By continuously improving our biogas components and developing new technologies, we want to provide optimised solutions to our customers at all times.
We are convinced of the benefits and sustainability of our products and make an important contribution to the renewable energies system. Biogas plants are the only generator of renewable energies capable of demand-based flexible generation of power and heat.

How we see ourselves:

Our staff’s high motivation and long-term experience are our main assets.

Reliability and quality are key for us.

• We achieve this through a vertical range of manufacturing that consolidates all stages of production, from development to in-house service;
• And by using top quality and highly durable materials.

Our core competence is our ability to consistently develop new technologies and solutions based on the challenges of everyday operation:
Drawing on years of practical experience, we continuously develop new biogas components and processes tailored to the needs of our customers.
The satisfaction and sustained success of our customers is our core goal. Being farmers ourselves, we know what matters most.

From the very beginning, we have focused on:

• the durability and robustness of all biogas components
• low maintenance costs and power consumption in service
• comprehensive and competent advice, remote service or on-site support
• easy and user friendly handling and operation

The founders


The two brothers Clemens and Gregor not only work as managing directors in their company, they also run an agricultural business with a dairy farm, biogas plant and digestate evaporation system. Particularly the farm work on the weekends inspires them to develop new innovative biogas components and products of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH. Ideas are immediately tried out and developed ready to go into production together with the team of Biogastechnik Süd GmbH.

Our motto of delivering hands-on advice drawn from years of experience is behind everything we do.


I try to take a long-term view of the development processes in farming not only by developing new products that provide real solutions to farmers’ problems but also by offering solutions tailored to each company and business model. I believe it’s important to include the aspect of sustainability and develop new methods and potential for improvement here.

I feel particularly at home in sales because it allows me to implement all my ideas and my potential. And of course I am very much into process engineering and development.


I am 120 % proud of everything we have ever launched into the market. Besides the customer, our focus is on the quality and the technical progress. Operating our own biogas plant and digestate evaporation system on our farm, we have an in-depth knowledge of how the industry works and what needs to be taken into consideration. I want to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested and sell only the best quality to our customers.

It is my mission to put all ideas into practice in the best possible manner and combine progress and technology. This is why I love managing the design department.

Top Service. GREAT TEAM.