Feeding technology

The Easyfeeder solids feeding system with push-off container is designed for feeding the digester with renewable raw materials, such as grass and maize silage or similar biomass. But also smaller quantities of more challenging materials, such as all kinds of manure, can be fed without difficulty.
A loader fills the solid feedstock into the push-off container of the Easyfeeder. Inside the hopper, the separating screws break up and pre-dose the feedstock. The main screw conveyor efficiently transports the feedstock into the digester in large volumes.
The content of the push-off container is added as needed by activating the ejector unit of the push-off container and a hydraulic cylinder to the separating screws and the main screw conveyor. An ultrasonic sensor monitors the filling level inside the Easyfeeder with push-off container.

Our feeding technology is characterised by a simple and sturdy design which makes the solids feeder particularly user friendly and easy to maintain.
The system can be controlled directly at the unit, via an optional stand-alone control cabinet or using the main control system of the biogas plant depending on the specific project. The user only has to program the pause and operating times. When equipped with an (optional) scale, the system can be controlled based on weight.
. All drives are equipped with adjustable load monitoring. The interval control with automatic reversing function in the event of overload ensures smooth and trouble-free operation.

Einbringtechnik Easyfeeder


Easyfeeder with push-off container

  • very energy-efficient due to its high capacity and very low drive power
  • extremely robust and durable
  • also suitable for grass silage and manure (optional configuration)
  • parts in contact with substrate made of coated steel or V2A stainless steel with plastic wear lining
  • modular design across all models
  • simple model for medium to large systems
  • very low maintenance and energy costs


Push-off container available as extension

Depending on the size of the push-off container, the storage volume for substrates with a high solids content, such as solid manure, silage and renewable raw materials or similar materials, increases from 10 m3 to 35–76 m3. This increases the intervals at which the solids feeder must be refilled. Optionally, the push-off container can be fitted with a hydraulically opening cover to reduce odour emissions. The push-off container has been designed according to the provisions of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.


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