Easyfeeder FA with pump

Feeding technology

The Easyfeeder FA solids feeding system with pump comprises the stationary push-off container with shredder attachment. The shredder attachment breaks down the substrate which the plant operator feeds into the push-off container and conveys it to the horizontal screw housing. The horizontal screw inside the horizontal screw housing transports the substrate through an adapter into the mixing tank of the pump. Inside the mixing tank, liquid from the digester is added to the broken down substrate by means of a feed pump so that it can be conveyed to one or more digesters through a pipe.

Einbringtechnik Easyfeeder


Easyfeeder FA with pump

  • very energy-efficient due to its high capacity and very low drive power
  • extremely robust and durable
  • also suitable for grass silage and manure (optional configuration)
  • parts in contact with substrate made of coated steel or V2A stainless steel with plastic wear lining
  • modular design across all models
  • ideal to feed multiple containers from one location
  • suitable for containers with different distances
  • also ideal for different container heights
  • also suitable for container heights over 6 m
  • supplies the digester with a pre-mixed and homogeneous substrate
  • beneficial for highly loaded digesters due to pre-mixed and homogeneous substrate


Weighing system

The push-off container can be set up on pallet scales to record the total weight of the push-off container and the shredder attachment including contents. The optional weighing unit enables the delivered quantity to be determined as the substrate is received. For dosing substrate to the biogas plant, the substrate quantity which is to be fed to the digester can also be determined based on the total weight of the push-off container. This means that weight-based dosing can be applied. The scale cannot be calibrated!

Emission roof

The emission roof consists of a steel structure with trapezoidal sheet metal covering. The push-off container is thus closed from above and the roof can be opened hydraulically via the existing hydraulic assembly. The front end of the container is closed with a tarpaulin.


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