SEPOGANT – separator for slurry & digestate


For our SEPOGANT press screw separator for slurry and fermentation residues, as with all our products, we have also paid attention to the use of high-quality materials in the construction of our separation technology components. We attach particular importance to high throughput and service life, especially with challenging feedstocks such as digestates from biogas plants.

Here, the focus is on the press screw which is fitted with cemented-carbide tips. In combination with a cemented-carbide counter-cutting edge in the feeding zone of the press screw, this ensures optimum functioning and high throughput rates together with a maximum service life of the screen basket – especially when processing fibre-rich substrates from biogas plants containing manure and grass silages.
We have not made any compromises when it comes to maintenance by fitting the bearing of the press screw with a mechanical seal. The entire bearing unit is permanently lubricated with oil and pressurised. This offers a high level of safety and long maintenance intervals, and permanently isolates the bearing unit from the substrate.
When using cattle and pig slurry, as well as other substances such as grain stillage, the use of our SEPOGANT press screw separator can be customised by using different slotted filter dimensions of the screen basket.

The components of our separating system have been designed according to the provisions of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.

For use in potentially explosive atmospheres, we offer the explosion-proof version of the Sepogant press screw separator.


Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank provides grants for investments in particularly sustainable and climate friendly farming practices as of 11 January 2021 on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. You can apply for 40 % funding for our separators here.


The Sepogant screw press separator is a separator of slurry or digestate from biogas plants.

Sepofarm Module

The Sepofarm Modul screw press separator is a modular separator installed on concrete blocks.

Sepogant Compact

The Sepogant Compact press screw separator type is designed for use at different sites.

Sepogant Direkt

The Sepogant Direkt biomass recirculation filter makes it possible to keep the digestate in a closed emission-free circuit.

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