Press screw separator

Our SEPOFARM Module is a modular system which is mounted on concrete blocks below which a specially designed dual-purpose container for solid/liquid transport can be installed. This makes it possible to collect the separated material in this container with very little effort and transport it to another location. This allows the farmer even to generate money from the solids in his slurry and manure by selling it to a biogas plant. The liquid digestate can be discharged into the farmer’s pit. After the solids have been processed inside the biogas plant, the Vapogant digestate evaporator can optionally be used to obtain ammonium sulphate solution (ASS) which is used as a fertiliser.

In addition to the increase in efficiency, the possible storage reduction should also be seen as an advantage. Furthermore, CO2 and space savings can be achieved. The module is flexible in use and the biogas plant operator can use the substrate as a substitute for renewable raw materials (e.g. maize).

SEPOFARM Modul press screw separator
SEPOFARM module press screw separator for slurry and digestate



  • generally all benefits of the Sepogant
  • cost savings for straw when solid material is used as bedding for cubicles
  • cost savings for slurry store agitator
  • cost savings for slurry store construction
  • cost savings for using a trailing hose instead of a trailing shoe distributor
  • reduced nitrogen losses due to application close to the ground
  • saving water for dilution

Cooperation with Sepofarm Module

Biogas plant operators

  • separated manure from slurry as a substitute for maize
  • reduced footprint
  • greater selection of potential cooperation partners
  • optimised nutrient management

Dairy farmers

  • efficiency increase through separation
  • up to 25 % storage reduction
  • substrate supplier for biogas plants
  • reduced footprint
  • optimised spreading
  • solution to nutrient problems
  • CO2 neutral production
  • reduced emissions

Sepofarm Module and Vapogant

  • in-house mineral fertiliser production (ASS)
  • much more efficient use of nitrogen
  • optimised nutrient management
  • reduction in the transport and storage volume through digestate enhancement
  • lower investment in digestate store
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Sepofarm Module is an innovative technology. It is easy and cost-efficient to install. Contact our sales department to learn whether Sepofarm Module is economical for you.


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