Press screw separator

Films floating on top and sinking to the bottom form in storage tanks for slurry and digestate. The only remedy is time-consuming and costly agitation or alternatively separation using the Sepogant screw press separator. This high-performance, robust separator was specially designed to process difficult and challenging digestates, saving costs for storage and spreading, increasing the final storage volume by up to 15 %, improving the nutrient balance by targeted fertilizer and nutrient management. The use of high-quality materials and the rugged technology behind the Sepogant guarantee excellent reliability and longevity, especially for high-fibre digestates.

Technical design of the SEPOGANT

A permanent oil lubrication of the press screw bearing unit and a permanent mechanical seal between bearing unit and substrate provide for minimum maintenance and long durability.
The continuously variable contact pressure allows the separation to be adjusted to the respective feedstock. The linear consistent contact pressure allows the counter-pressure cone to adjust to the different substrates and prevents breakthrough of liquid substrate.
The infinitely variable pressure regulator can be used to adjust the dry matter content of the solid phase. Depending on the configuration of the device, dry matter concentrations between 15 % and 32 % can be selected for up to 15 % increased storage capacity.

Save costs with SEPOGANT

Separate with Sepogant, the extremely powerful and robust, state-of-the-art separator. Yield optimised results thanks to maximum flexibility and achieve selective fertilising effects of the solid material. The residual nitrogen bound in the solid material is released in small amounts over a long period (1–3 % per year). Fertilising with solid material from digestate separation is a highly effective long-term base fertilisation with phosphorus and potash. This has a positive impact on humus formation and activation of soil life, especially of earth worms and enchytraeidae.

SEPOGANT press screw separator



  • ease of handling
  • easy storage of solid feedstocks such as solid manure
  • further processing possible by composting or drying
  • easier spreading of the solid on the field using the solids manure spreader. You will achieve a fine structure on grassland after each cut.
  • maximum service life due to the tungsten-carbide tipped press screw
  • long maintenance intervals and high safety thanks to mechanical seal with permanent oil lubrication
  • low maintenance cost
  • pneumatic press unit with constantly applied pressing force (also with varying media)
  • safety monitoring via pressure switch at press unit


Hopper tank

It is recommended to install the Sepogant together with a hopper tank. Combined with the fully automated control system, the hopper tank assures that only as much substrate is pumped as is required. This saves energy and ensures the permanent and optimised utilisation of the Sepogant.


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