Press screw separator

The separation technology Made in Allgäu – Germany !

Powerful, robust & specially developed for demanding digestate!

The problem & the solution

Floating layers often form in slurry and digestate stores, which can only be dissolved or avoided by costly stirring or prior separation. Furthermore, many farms have a problem with the correct nutrient distribution and thus a functioning nutrient management.

Separation with the Sepogant press screw separator makes it possible to solve these problems. The separation into solid and liquid phase causes a separation of nutrients, which can be applied to the land in a further step according to need. Nitrogen (NH4) is immediately available, especially in the liquid phase, and the organically bound nitrogen and phosphorus are largely separated with the solid phase. The liquid phase, which is easy to handle or “unproblematic”, can be applied to the land using the method of near-ground spreading, whereas the solid phase can either be spread after each grassland cut with a plate of manure spreader or used as a straw substitute and bedding for dairy farmers. This also has the advantage that the farmer no longer needs a straw mattress for his cows and thus also saves money.

The separation of the solid phase reduces the liquid storage volume of slurry and digestate. In addition, sinking and floating layers are reduced during storage and agitation technology and energy in the storage tanks are saved. Furthermore, there is a larger time window for spreading and no more clogging of the spreading equipment, as the often clogging fibres have already been separated in advance.

The procedure

The Sepogant press screw separator separates both slurry and more demanding feedstock such as fermentation residues. This is possible thanks to the robust press screw, which is equipped with hard metal plates, and the hard metal counter blade. The specially developed mechanical seal (with permanent oil lubrication) ensures a long maintenance interval and high safety. Due to the linear constant contact pressure, a smooth adaptation to different substrates is possible.


During separation with the Sepogant press screw separator, the medium – slurry, digestate or other slurry – is separated into a solid and a liquid phase. Here, the press screw drives the substrate through the rigidly mounted, fixed slotted filter screen and presses it against the press cone or press flap. This causes the liquid part of the substrate to run off through the slotted filter screen. The solid part of the fermentation residue is conveyed forward out of the sepogant, against the pressing device.

The variants

The Sepogant separator is available in different configurations, so that a variant is available for every medium and every desired dry matter content in the solids. The equipment variants with cones correspond to most standard variants and are very energy-saving. For highly viscous substrates, high dry matter content and long barrels, a variant with a flap is recommended.

The Sepogant separator can be attached to the container on a pedestal in different ways.

In a nutsehll

With the Sepogant press screw separator, it is possible to separate a wide variety of feedstocks with different dry matter contents and properties and to use the resulting end products in a targeted manner. The Sepogant separator is a breakthrough-proof separation technology in which high-quality materials are used, so that the highest reliability and durability of the product are achieved. The advantages of separation lie in an increase or optimisation of the own storage capacity, in now possible marketing possibilities of the fermentation residues, in a saving of storage capacity and in an optimised nutrient management. This saves real money!



  • ease of handling
  • easy storage of solid feedstocks such as solid manure
  • further processing possible by composting or drying
  • easier spreading of the solid on the field using the solids manure spreader. You will achieve a fine structure on grassland after each cut.
  • maximum service life due to the tungsten-carbide tipped press screw
  • long maintenance intervals and high safety thanks to mechanical seal with permanent oil lubrication
  • low maintenance cost
  • pneumatic press unit with constantly applied pressing force (also with varying media)
  • safety monitoring via pressure switch at press unit


Hopper tank

It is recommended to install the Sepogant together with a hopper tank. Combined with the fully automated control system, the hopper tank assures that only as much substrate is pumped as is required. This saves energy and ensures the permanent and optimised utilisation of the Sepogant.


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