The solution for dairy farmers and machine pools

Our Sepofarm Mobil separation technology is also based on the classic process of gel separation. The Sepofarm Mobile was developed to increase the applicability and usability of the separation, especially for dairy farmers and machine communities that want to separate at several locations.

The process

The underlying process of the Sepofarm Mobile is identical to the still existing Sepofarm Module. However, there are differences in the execution.

The Sepofarm Mobil uses the basic frame of the Sepofarm Modul including a permanently integrated priming pump. In addition, in this variant of the press screw separator, the control cabinet is permanently attached. The mobile unit can be offered with a throughput capacity of approx. 10 and 22m³/hour by varying the screw motors. The screen size is optionally available with 0.5 to 1.0 mm. When the solid material is used as bedding, a TS content of up to 30% can be achieved by equipment features of the separator. This allows the solids to be scattered directly after the separation process. The unit has been used successfully for many years in a wide variety of applications.

The Sepofarm Mobile is delivered ready for connection and can be used immediately. The separator is fed by a self-priming eccentric screw pump. The press water is discharged by means of a free drain.

The equipment

The unit is built on a robust hot-dip galvanized base frame. All components are integrated into the compact base frame and guarantee very good accessibility.

The reliable separation operation of the plant is made possible by the control and regulation unit, which enables individual speed control of the feed pump with a frequency converter as standard. Due to the compact design, the setup time of the separator after arrival until operation is only a few minutes. As a safety device, the pump is equipped with a pressure switch and leakage monitoring as standard.

With the standard base frame, the entire unit can be positioned accordingly with a lifting vehicle.


Flexible and mobile

Advantages Sepofarm Mobile

  • Robust hot-dip galvanized base frame
  • All components are integrated into the base frame
  • Successful application for many years in various fields of application
  • Very good price-performance ratio

In a nutshell

The Sepofarm Mobil is the further development of our proven technology of the Sepofarm Module. This type of press screw separator is particularly suitable for end customers, such as dairy farms that want to separate at several locations, as well as for machine communities.

Attention: The Sepofarm Mobile is eligible!


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