Feeding technology for biogas plants

Our EASYFEEDER family of feeding equipment is highly flexible and compatible with various digester designs. The feeding system is capable of processing even the most challenging materials such as long-fibred grass silage. We have models to suit any volume requirements. Our feeding technology is available as a starter model with and without push-off container, with inclined screw conveyors for feed openings high above the ground and also with a shredder attachment to process particularly long-fibred and stringy materials.
Already during the development of the tried-and-tested feeding technology, the focus was on minimising energy consumption and wear. This is achieved through a sophisticated control system and the highly rugged design of all wear parts. Therefore, screw conveyors and drives of our feeding systems have a particularly robust and sturdy design. . All parts prone to corrosion are made of V2A stainless steel. . All drives are equipped with adjustable load monitoring. The interval control with automatic reversing function in the event of overload ensures smooth and trouble-free operation.
All components of our feed system have been designed according to the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and have been approved with restrictions for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Easyfeeder Solo

Built for life, the Easyfeeder Solo is the basic model of our comprehensive Easyfeeder line.
With a volume of 10 to 13 m³ it is ideal as a starter model for continuous interval feed throughout the day.
The feedstock is pre-dosed by two separating screws and is transported into the digester by the main screw conveyor.


The Easyfeeder with push-off container has the same design as the Easyfeeder Solo.
But the Easyfeeder with a 76 m³ push-off container has more storage capacity than the Easyfeeder Solo.
A hydraulic cylinder transports the feedstock into the hopper. It then passes through the separating screw and main conveyor screw of the feeder into the digester.

Easyfeeder FA

In the Easyfeeder FA with push-off container, the feedstock in the push-off container passes through the shredder attachment with three directly driven rotary grinders where it is finely dosed and separated before entering the main screw conveyor which feeds it into the digester.
This creates ideal preconditions especially for very fibrous and difficult to dose feedstocks such as solid manure.

Easyfeeder Top AS

The Easyfeeder Top AS with hopper is the first choice of solids feeding if the substrate needs to be delivered into digesters of small facilities which are filled from above.
Initially, the separating screws separate the feedstock before it is taken upward by the inclined screw conveyor to the feed screw.
The storage volume is 7 m³ (can be increased to 20 m³).

Easyfeeder Top FA

The Easyfeeder Top FA with push-off container is the first choice for very fibrous and difficult to dose feedstocks in tall digesters.
Three directly driven rotary grinders finely dose and separate the substrate which then passes through the horizontal screw conveyor, the inclined screw conveyor and finally to the feed screw.

Easyfeeder FA Liquid Feeding

The Easyfeeder FA with pump consists of the stationary push-off container with shredder attachment.
The shredder attachment breaks down the substrate which the plant operator feeds into the push-off container and conveys it into the horizontal screw housing. Inside the mixing tank, water is added to the broken down substrate so that it can be conveyed to the digester through a pipe.

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