Always at your service.

By purchasing one of our products, you not only get top quality and economic efficiency, but you can also benefit from our reliable customer service.

We offer a wide variety of maintenance and repair services. Stay in contact with us at all times via remote access over the internet. Moreover, our service department not only sells spare parts but supports you with operating our products on a daily basis.


Different departments work together to act as the one stop for all your maintenance and service needs.

Call our phone support to instantly talk to one of our competent agents to assist you. Our technical office staff will gladly advise you on any material questions or individual applications of our products. Our qualified control and electronics employees will be happy to answer your questions about operating and controlling our plants. Thanks to the high availability in our spare parts warehouse, the products will be shipped to you in a timely manner.

If you need on-site support by one of our service technicians, we will directly coordinate all necessary arrangements with you. We will make an appointment and tell you what you have to do yourself in advance to make the work easier for our service technicians. If you are a customer in our region, we will serve you directly. In other cases, our local service partners will be at your disposal.

Contact US

Service biogas plants and components

Phone: +49 (0) 7562 97085 412

Service digestate evaporation and small biogas plants

Phone:+49 (0) 7562 97085 512
Email: service@biogastechnik-sued.de


Convenient remote access over the internet

For our VVT-GRV Vapogant digestate evaporator as well as the control systems of our other products, we offer uncomplicated and secure web-based remote access. One of our trained service technicians who has access to your control system will help you with your problem.

License fee

To use the remote access service, you have to pay an annual license fee and need internet access. To remotely access the control system yourself, you have to purchase a one-time license (LinkManager Mobil). This license is personal and not transferrable. The license is issued by Biogastechnik Süd GmbH and assigned to the licensee.


(Freeware not included in the delivery) web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) VNC Viewer (depending on the device)
Windows: Ultra VNC Viewer
Apple IOS and Android: VNC Lite App by Mocha

Please contact us if you are interested. We will gladly provide more information and personal advice.



A spare parts warehouse with a wide assortment enables us to deliver all spare parts for our products to our customers in a timely manner (with express delivery upon request). This enables us to assure the high availability and fast procurement of spare parts. Besides the standard spare parts, we offer a range of custom options for your plant. Please contactus if you want to learn more about this option.


Based on the drawings provided by our construction department, our documentation department creates distinct spare parts catalogues.
They are useful not only to exactly identify a spare part, but often help answer detailed questions regarding the installation, too.